Helicopter Hog Hunts

Enjoy the unique experience of hunting from a helicopter while also helping the state control an invasive species.

Our Hunts

Our goal is to offer hunters unique hunting experiences with arial helicopter day hunts and thermal vision night hunts. Experience hunting hogs from the air in one of our two beautiful Bell 206 L3 Long Ranger helicopters.
We also offer a unique experience with night thermal hunts. Both hunts can accommodate groups up to 10 people and overnight stays at the well appointed and near by 10-2-4 Ranch.

Helicopter hog hunts and night vision hunts in Cumby, just north of Dallas, TX

Under New Ownership

Brandi Rector, is a highly experienced Marine Corps veteran with 12 years of aviation experience. She has thousands of maintenance hours and hundreds of flight hours and is licensed as an A&P mechanic, CFII helicopter pilot, and sensor operator on multiple platforms of UAVs.

Quality Equipment for Your Hunt

Skyhunter Outfitters LLC proudly offers industry leading service and equipment for our helicopter and thermal vision hog hunts:


Qty (2) Bell 206 L3 Long Ranger

The Bell 206 is the gold standard for helicopter, and is perfectly suited for arial hog hunting.


Thermal Vision Scopes

Using heat instead of light, our Thor 4 thermal night scopes (effective to 500 yards) mounted to custom built AR-15 suppressed rifles, armed with unlimited rounds of custom made 300 blackout ammunition, are able to clearly represent animals against the brushy terrain at night, and silently take them down allowing for more subsequent shots.

Client Experience

Skyhunter Outfitters LLC offers a unique hunting experience while also assisting the state, farmers, and ranchers in dealing with a destructive and invasive hog species. It’s important to us that every guest has a 5-star experience.

Rusty Smith

ABSOLUTE BLAST!!!! Mike made sure we had a safe experience and Brandy put us on the pigs. HIGHLY recommend Skyhunter.

Gary Parker

What a great set of people Brandi and Mike are! Made it an experience of a lifetime and I wouldn’t do the trip again with any other outfitter!

Mike Castellani

Absolutely awesome experience. If you're looking to check this off your bucket list as I was, this is the place to go. Mike and Brandy were great,and delivered exactly what I expected, a safe, once-in-a-lifetime hunt with alot of hogs hittin the dirt.


This was an awesome hunt!!! Mike and Brandy were very professional. Brandy is an awesome pilot!!! Mike is very safety conscious!!! What a rush!!! I would highly recommend and give them a 5 star rating!!!



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